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June 21st marked the summer solstice, the longest day of the year! The Sun is high in the sky, and shines as long as it can, giving us more daylight to enjoy and…. to harvest with solar power! Integrating solar power into your projects is easier than ever, and as the price of solar panels continues to drop as their efficiency rates rise, now is a great time to pick up a few panels to play with, like this High-Efficiency Circular Solar Panel.

These panels are high-efficiency models, meaning while most models on the market are about 17% to 20% efficient in converting solar power to electricity, this panel boasts a strong 22% efficiency rate. The solar panel has a maximum open circuit voltage of 7.0V and a peak voltage of 5.5V, making it perfect for charging single-cell lithium batteries or powering small circuits. If more power is needed though, several of these can be wired up in a series or parallel configuration, just like with other solar panels. An array of these cute, circular panels could be the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor project.

These solar panels, and a few others, are available from Open Green Energy, based in New Dehli, India. If you’re intrigued by solar power but don’t know where to start, give their Youtube channel a look for inspiration and education!

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