Tindie Blog | Synax Drum’s Not Dead – Drum Synthesizer with MagPower

Percussion is the driving force behind electronic music’s most exciting tracks, providing an undeniable energy which keeps listeners locked onto the rhythm. Synthesised drum tones have become a staple of electronic music, with producers using a sequenced kick drum to keep dancefloors moving for years. Hardware focussed producers and tinkerers looking to take these classic ideas to new dimensions will be very excited by the ‘Drum’s not Dead‘ module.

This innovative drum synthesis module combines classic circuitry with cutting-edge technology, allowing you to infuse melodies into your beats using its CV inputs. Boasting three input and output jacks and nine controls, this module offers endless avenues for creative exploration. With its wide range of tonal possibilities, including kick drums, deep toms, woodblocks, and hi-hats, you can create rhythms that are uniquely yours.

This drum synth is one of PsychoticSineWaves‘ Synax modules. As such, it features the MagPower system – a revolutionary modular system built around a magnetic connection between three pogo pins on the power panel and three copper tracks on the back of each Synax module. This magnetic system makes it incredibly easy to swap your modules in and out, even during performances, whilst protecting the rest of your system from harm.

PsychoticSineWaves is an independent electronics designer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. With a passion for making DIY musical products, they plan to develop even more fantastic modules, so keep an eye out for this dedicated maker!

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