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If you’re interested in learning about LoRa, many options exist. However, the Raspberry Pi is an excellent match for LoRa projects. A new LoRa PHAT add-on board is available from Tindie seller 0xc0ffee. Featuring the SX1262 radio module, an onboard antenna with an external antenna connector if you want to increase range, plus 8 surface-mount NeoPixels, it has all the features you need to quickly get started with LoRa. It will work with any Pi, but is in the Zero-size Hat form, so it can be very rigidly mounted to the Zero/Zero 2.

It’s able to support worldwide operation, with a frequency range of 803-930MHz. This covers the US (915MHz), EU (868MHz), India (865MHz), Australia (915MHz), and Asian (923MHz) frequency allocations, plus a variety of other countries that use frequencies slightly shifted from these major standards.

The seller has a GitHub repo that contains examples for both sending and receiving packets using LoRa, as well as interacting with the NeoPixels to show status or just look pretty! There are plenty of existing libraries for the Pi that support this radio module, and there are many tutorials and great resources out there for learning about LoRa in general. If you’ve ever wanted to check out LoRa, this is a great board to start with!

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