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All of us struggle from time to time. Mental health is finally starting to be talked about openly, and it’s normal to face challenges, both internal and external. Many people find affirmations to be very effective at giving them a mental boost and helping them to focus on the things they have the power to change, instead of worrying about things they have no control over. The Positivity Pusher is an amazing little device that uses language models and machine learning to create tailored, infinite affirmations — all at the touch of a button!

Powered by a Pico W, the buttons are upcycled from simple recording devices by hacking into the existing microphone and speaker. Then, using a wifi connection and a captive website, you can customize your button with your name and any particular areas you are currently struggling with — self-esteem, recent loss, adjusting to a new community, etc. The language models then use this information to create tailored affirmations just for you! Any time you need a boost, just push the button!

The designers, Jack and Steph’s Workshop, have provided the source code and documentation over on Hackaday.io in case you want to make changes or tailor the code for a particular usage not covered currently. They are new to Tindie, so let’s give them a warm Tindie welcome by checking out their listing! Check out the video below for more information about the Positivity Pusher, and remember: you are unique, beautiful, intelligent and resilient. You’ve got this!

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