Tindie Blog | Game Boy Color USB-C Charging, LiPo Conversion and more!

On the surface, this Game Boy Color USB-C Charging Kit Pro might just seem like another quick “USB converter” type approach. However, beyond the header photo of a vintage Game Boy Color with a USB cable lies a whole heap of modifications wrapped in a clean board design.

Common Game Boy Color modifications include adding IPS displays with backlighting. Often this leads to power supply modification as these displays are more power-hungry, gobbling up more than the original 2 x AA batteries can provide. A common approach is to incorporate some kind of boost converter and swap out the AA batteries for a modern LiPo. Plenty of people in the scene have accomplished this using separate boost and charge modules but this PCB kit neatly incorporates both boost and charge controllers on board.

The Game Boy Color has reasonable audio in its stock form. Chiptune aficionados tend to rank it as better than the GBA or Pocket but not quite matching the quality of the original DMG Game Boy. That said, another common mod for the Color is to add a small audio amplifier on the audio output to improve the levels. Again this can add a lot of clutter and wiring. This module simplifies the process with an audio amp also included.

Looking through the product page you will see just how perfectly this PCB sits in a Game Boy Color. It’s a really neat solution for numerous mods. Finally, it’s USB-C! So with some small modifications to your Game Boy Color shell, you are up and running with all the advantages of USB-C. We love USB-C — not having to turn the USB connector over three times to get it to go in the right way is a joy

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