Tindie Blog | Create Entire Songs Using the Freaq FM Digital Synthesiser

Freaq FM is a certified sound design powerhouse built using Arduino. With an intuitive and melodic generative sequencer inspired by Elektron, Intellijel & Music Thing, it can stand independently or sync up with your favourite gear. Using its ingenious 16-step sequencer, artists can control two FM voices and create sounds ranging from soaring arps to slapping basslines – all in this tiny box.

Thanks to its sheer abundance of sonic features, the Freaq FM can easily create entire tracks. This impressive functionality allows artists to hone in on forming new ideas, and spend less time focused on making decisions. The idea of limiting your options when working creatively can seem quite daunting, but counterintuitively often encourages more experimental and deliberate work.

You can check out a bassline banger made entirely using the Freaq in the video below and see how easy it is to create using this thing!

The Freaq FM is beautifully designed and offers a choice of LED colour. Framing its eye-catching LED matrix display, the swirly faceplate boasts beautiful golden linework and clearly labelled parameters. Meebleeps also provide a brilliant quick-start guide and complete user manual for this synth, making setup even simpler.

Meebleeps Machines is an independent electronics designer based out of Melbourne, Australia. Keep an eye out for more amazing inventions from this creator, who recently decided to bring their audio creations to a broader audience!


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