Tindie Blog | Add USB-C to Older PS3 Controllers

The SIXAXIS and DualShock PlayStation 3 controllers are still widely in use and are preferred by lots of gamers. However, in some aspects, their design seems a little dated — perhaps most notably they still rely on an older USB Mini B socket for charging. The Type-C for PS3 adaptor quickly allows you to update a controller to have USB-C connectivity without any disassembly of the controller unit.

While quite a simple idea, it’s excellently executed. A USB-C socket is mounted to a custom PCB design which slots into the existing USB Mini B socket, using the PCB itself as the male end of the Mini-B. It connects all the pins correctly and is fully USB-C compliant. This is important as some of the PS3 controllers require a data connection before switching to charge mode. In turn, this means that, as with the original connector, you may need to charge PS3 controllers via a USB host port on a PS3 or laptop for example.

Finishing off this excellent adapter is a 3D printed shroud which conforms to the controller casing when fitted. It’s printed in rugged XPETG and the whole unit attaches via some adhesive tabs on the mating surfaces. Quite rightly in the product details, it says you should be careful to ensure that the Mini-B socket is in good condition before attaching this adaptor, but with all that in mind, you should be up and running with USB-C on your DualShock 3 in no time!

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