CEAT Enduro Tracks – Ultimate Off-Road Training Program

Enduro Tracks is the name of a brand-new and thrilling off-road training programme that was only recently launched by CEAT Tyres. Aficionados of off-road riding will find that participating in this programme improves their riding abilities and better prepares them for competitions. On June 10th, Bengaluru played host to the first-ever session of Enduro Tracks, and the reaction from participants was fantastic, with a considerable number of registrations. The programme provides participants with opportunities to participate in interactive seminars, hands-on training sessions, and practical riding exercises on a closed track while being supervised by industry professionals.


Soon, CEAT will be making arrangements to announce upcoming sessions that will take place in additional cities. In addition, CEAT’s MX X3 tyres were demonstrated at the event. These tyres have a soft compound and were developed with an enduro-oriented riding style in mind.


The Enduro Tracks programme provides participants with an all-encompassing training experience that is catered to riders of varied levels of expertise. It includes fundamental facets such as tactics for controlling a bike, negotiating obstacles, endurance training, navigation abilities, and maintaining a motorcycle.


The Chief Marketing Officer of CEAT Limited, Lakshmi Narayanan B, emphasised the significance of tyres in off-roading and highlighted the firm’s high-performance range. This range offers higher grip, durability, and control over the vehicle. He reaffirmed CEAT’s dedication to the cause of fostering exhilarating off-road activities while placing emphasis on rider safety. Shardul Sharma, a well-known figure in the world of enduro racing, and his staff of seasoned trainers are in charge of directing this programme. Participants may anticipate a secure and managed setting in which they will be able to test their limitations, improve their skills, and build their confidence in their ability to navigate rugged terrain. The tyre major is confident that participating in the Enduro Tracks programme will provide all participants with a life-changing educational opportunity.


CEAT Tyres is a renowned Indian tyre manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and performance. With a wide range of tyres catering to cars, two-wheelers, and commercial vehicles, CEAT offers superior traction, durability, and control. Backed by advanced technology and a focus on customer satisfaction, CEAT Tyres remains a trusted choice for drivers seeking reliable and high-performing tyres.

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